We Plant Over 1 Million Seeds in Our Greenhouses!

Sam Mazza built the first greenhouse over 35 years ago and today the farm boasts over 100,000 square feet of growing area in 17 Greenhouses. These days the Greenhouses are a large part of the activity here at Sam Mazza’s Family Farm, especially in the early Spring when over 1 Million seeds are planted and started in the Greenhouses. By the end of April, the Greenhouses are bursting with colorful flowers, hanging baskets and plants for the upcoming season. At the same time in other Greenhouses, tomato plants are already 4 feet tall and laden with tomatoes ripening for sale in our Farm Market and area supermarkets in May.

Our modern Greenhouses have clean concrete floors and many of our benches are self-watering which reduces our water consumption by delivering the exact amount of nutrients to our plants.

Take a walk through our Greenhouses on a dark April afternoon. It’s one sure way to kick the Winter Blues!

Our Greenhouses Schedule of Availability

MARCH – APRIL: Easter Lillies, Azaleas, Begonias, Bulb Plants, Pansies
MAY – JUNE: Flowering Baskets, Bedding Plants, Herbs, Container Plants, Perennials, Vegetable Transplants
AUGUST – SEPTEMBER: Mums, Flowering Cabbage
DECEMBER: Poinsettias
YEAR ROUND: Houseplants, African Violets

Call anytime for further information on availability.